Tuition and Withdrawal

Payment Policy

Tuition Rates:

  • Monthly Tuition is based on 9 equal payments with the first payment due upon registration and then on the 1st day of October – 1st day of May.

Payment Options:

There are two options this year to pay tuition. Each option is calculated depending on the total amount of classes taken. While we periodically break throughout the year, payment for tuition is expected on a regular basis. Tuition can be paid yearly or monthly.

  • Option One: Tuition may be paid yearly in which case a 9% discount will be awarded on the combined monthly sum. This option must be paid by September 15 to receive the discount.
  • Option Two: Tuition may be paid by the month. If you choose this option, payment is due by the 1st of each month.
  • Late Fees:  $15.00 monthly will be applied to any unpaid tuition which is past due 10 days.

Payment Agreements:

  • Tuition, Registration, Costume, and Competition Entry payments are  non-refundable, non-transferable and non-adjustable, unless due to a lengthy absence or withdrawal due to prolonged illness or injury verified by a doctor’s certificate.
  • All payment must be made by check or cash only.
  • All returned checks will be subject to a $30.00 charge.
  • No bills or statements will be sent out.
  • Withdrawals must be done in person at Middletown Dance Academy.


Other Charges and Discounts

Registration Charges:

  • Registration: $25.00 per student. Registration payment is due at time of Registration and is non-refundable, non-transferable and non-adjustable.

Costumes Charges:

  • Costume charges for MDA Competition Team are due October 1.
  • Costume charges for Recreational Students are due December 1.
  • Costume payments are non-refundable, non-transferable and non-adjustable.

Competition Entry Fees:

  • Competition entry fees are due December 1. Team members will be provided a schedule for competition, as well as an entry-fee breakdown, following our summer program.
  • Competition payments are non-refundable, non-transferable and non-adjustable.


Withdrawal Policy

  • Please inform the instructor of any classes being dropped or added. A two-week notice is required for any withdrawals.
  • Please remember there are no refunds for registration, tuition, costume or performance fees.
  • Classes start September 12th and end after the June 3rd recital performance. While students are not obligated to remain for the entire year, when a student is enrolled, they are enrolled for the entire year.
  • Please refer to the withdrawal policy if the student plans to leave class before our Recital. We take new students until February 1st for all classes that will be participating in the year-end performance.


Monthly Tuition Rates

This schedule is based on the monthly payment, per dancer, September to May, due on the first of every month. To receive a discount of 9%, the entire year needs to be paid in full by September 15.

1 hour – $ 64.00

1.5 hours – $ 96.00

2 hours – $128.00

2.5 hours – $158.00

3 hours – $174.00

3.5 hours – $197.00

4 hours – $216.00

4.5 hours – $235.00

5 hours – $255.00

5.5 hours – $273.00

6 hours – $292.00

6.5 hours – $308.00

7 hours – $322.00

7.5 hours – $326.00

8 hours – $331.00

8.5 hours – $335.00

9 hours – $339.00

9.5 hours – $342.00

Solos – 1⁄2 hour – $42.50 per week

Duets – 1⁄2 hour – $21.25 per student per week

Trios – 1⁄2 hour – $14.16 per student per week



All dancers will be sized for costumes in the first two weeks of class. The costume payment of $90.00 is due on October 1, per costume per class. We need to order the costumes early to assure they are delivered on time for our performances. We will not order costumes if this is not received. If you need to budget your payments see the front desk as you can start paying now so you will be paid in full by October 1.