Studio Policies

Attendance Policy


All students are expected to arrive on time for class dressed in the proper attire. If your student requires assistance, we ask that a parent help with this responsibility. If a student is ill she is expected to stay home. If a student is injured and would like to observe, she may do so. If a student is absent there will be no adjustment of tuition. Make-up classes are permitted.

Parents must be ready to pick up their children as soon as possible after class has adjourned. Middletown Dance Academy is not liable or responsible for watching your child. Please do not leave a sibling in the waiting room while the other sibling dances unless a parent plans to stay as well.


Please inform the instructor of any classes dropped or added. Two week notice is required for any withdrawals. Please remember there are no refunds for tuition, registration, costume or competition fees.


Dance Studio and Lobby Area

  • Only students, teachers and assistants are allowed in the dance rooms during class time.
  • No gum, food, or drinks are permitted in the Studio. Water bottles are allowed.
  • The waiting area is for the convenience of our students and their families. Be sure to respect others and the classes in session. When leaving the Studio after class, kindly check that you leave with all of your belongings.


Dress Code and Dance Etiquette

Our dress code has been created to promote the proper attitude and respect for all dance disciplines. No street clothes or footwear will be permitted. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated and allows our staff to give their undivided attention to the needs of all our students. Dance shoes, tights, leotards and accessories are available for purchase at the Studio or at local dancewear shops.

The following guidelines apply to all dancers:

  1. HAIR must be securely tied back in a ponytail, braid, or bun. A bun is required for Ballet.
  2. DO NOT WEAR YOUR DANCE SHOES OUTSIDE. You will not only ruin your shoes, but our dance floors could be damaged as well.
  3. NO jewelry is to be worn in class. Not only is it a distraction, it is dangerous and items can be lost. Post/Stud earrings are acceptable.
  4. PLEASE label all shoes and other related dance items with your dancer’s name so lost items may be returned. Middletown Dance Academy is not responsible for lost items.
  5. PLEASE COME TO CLASS READY TO DANCE, with proper cover-ups on when entering and exiting
  6. PROMPTNESS TO CLASS IS EXTREMENTLY IMPORTANT. Dancers who arrive late to class not only miss important lessons, but disturb other students and show disrespect to their Teacher.


Any black leotard or MDA-approved color/team leotard, pink tights, and pink ballet/pointe shoes must be worn. Hair must be secured in a bun at all times. Short hair must be pulled away from the face and neck. A ballet sweater and/or skirt may be worn.


Leotard, dance shorts, or fitted top. Legs must be covered. Tights are strongly encouraged. Jazz shoes or foot undeez.


Leotard or dance shorts and fitted top.